Friday, March 27, 2009

The worst proposal ever = a giant cake + lingerie (and 120 people)

So I was reading this UK paper today, The Guardian and I saw this interview of a Liverpool restaurant manager. He was recalling the risks of proposing over dinner and one of his stories was...well...amusingly awful. Are you ready for this?

    "A woman was going to propose to her boyfriend and she had arranged everything in advance with us. This wasn't going to be a subtle bended knee approach - she was planning to jump out of a giant cake, wearing nothing but lingerie. During the meal, she went off to get changed - or rather, undressed - and [the manager] and a waiter wheeled the huge (fake) cake out to his table. In front of 120 diners, to the tune of "their song", she burst out of it as confetti flew everywhere, and asked him to marry her. He didn't say a word. There was not a speck of emotion on his face. He just got up and walked out. She was standing there, in her underwear, in this giant cake with confetti all around her. It was just awful. For a few seconds, nobody knew what to do."

That's pretty much the worst proposal story ever. Please don't top it.

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