Thursday, March 26, 2009

A diamond (contest) is a guy's best friend!

I rarely cover contests, but there are a few out there for all the guys who don't have enough scratch to afford a diamond in this economy. Let's check em out.

First off...each time you buy specially-marked Secret Flawles deodorant, you have a chance to win great prizes including a flawless one-carat diamond worth $15,000!

Is it really made for women, but strong enough for a man? Try it out and tell me (only if you win) good luck! Go to for more details.

Or why not go big and check out the $100,000 diamond giveaway from Helzburg?

They say they are giving out one loose diamond per store, so it may be worth signing up. Check out for more info.

And the big one that everyone has been talking about:

Over $30,000 in Diamonds! The good news is you can enter daily and it's all online. Apparently, you can win a gorgeous diamond jewelry set among other beautiful baubles. Sign me up! Click here to enter.